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为 Olive Boulevard 带来新的 economic development

It’s time for a whole new conversation about development in University City. If we bring the unique strengths of our community together, we can drive growth and innovation on a scale U City has never seen before.

To make it happen, we have to give everyone a voice in our government. Development only happens when we bring everyone to the table. As your City Councilmember, I will use fluent Mandarin to help harness the energy of our Chinese business community to promote new growth that benefits everyone. I will draw on close friendships in our City’s third ward, developed in our own public schools, to bring our community closer together. I will bring experience working in an Affordable Housing Department in Silicon Valley to help guide new development so that it is done equitably, and supports rather than washes out the diversity that makes U City strong.

We can bring new development to Olive Boulevard. If we bring our community’s strengths together, we can transform Olive into an innovation corridor.
我们能为Olive Boulevard带来新的发展机遇。只要我们整个社区一起合力、博采众长,我们就可以引领Olive成为一个创新园区。

We have Washington University, one of the best research universities in the world, in our city. Wash U wants to create new spaces for its graduates to start businesses in St Louis, so that they can stay in this area, and give back to the university. Let’s make that new growth happen in our neighborhoods.

We have a strong Orthodox Jewish community, that would love to build closer ties between U City and Israel. Israel is the second greatest innovation hub in the entire world. We have a strong black community without which University City and our unique culture could not exist.
在这里,我们有强大的犹太社区,他们很希望在U City 和全球第二大创新中心 – 也就是以色列 – 之间建立更为密切的关系;此外我们还有强大的黑人社区,他们对U City及其独特的文化发展有着举足轻重的影响。

We have a Chinese business community with deep roots on Olive. If we bring our Chinese business leaders into the conversation, and give everyone a voice in government, we can grow together.

There is strength in diversity. There is strength in University City.

这就是多文化社区的力量。这也就是U City 的力量。


League of Women Voters Candidate Forum

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Meet the Candidate: Forward-Looking Development

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