Let’s Talk: Centene Development

Right now, Centene Corporation is developing an almost $1 billion project at the border of Clayton and U City. But while U City land is being used to build a parking garage and our streets are taking the burden of increased traffic, we are not sharing equitably in the benefits of this project.

We need a government less focused on personal divisions on City Council, and more focused on the boundaries that unite us as a city.

Let’s stand up for U City, and negotiate with Centene to make sure we share in the benefits of this development. Those benefits should not be limited to new real estate either.

Centene should give U City residents priority when hiring for this project. That way, some of the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on Centene’s project will actually benefit our residents, and be spent in our local businesses. That way, this development can help support our families, stabilize our schools and build our tax base.

U City residents should be our government’s top priority. And we need a government that works proactively to make sure U City residents are a priority for all our partners, too.

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