Let’s move U City forward, together

There are real issues we need to start making progress on. We are racing toward fiscal crisis. We need to come together as a community again, and it cannot wait for another political power struggle. While City Council is rattling sabers, they are also kicking the can on looming costs that are increasing every year.

  • Our streets are falling apart, and each year we wait to take action, the cost of repairs increases. Get the context
  • Our police station is unusable. Our councilmembers said “We’ve known for a long time that we should do something.” But nothing has been done. We are now paying $3,000,000 just to move our police to a temporary location, and $40,000 for a study exclusively focused on whether the first study was accurate, which doesn’t even ask any new questions for the $40,000 pricetag. Get the context here and here
  • The pension fund for U City government employees is more than $13,000,000 underfunded. The responsibility to pay for it falls to our taxpayers. Even as City Council and the Pension Board take more and more out of our tax base to pay into the fund, the amount we owe is increasing every year. Get the context

Our city cannot afford another political fight. Our budget can’t afford it, our people can’t afford it, and we can’t afford to have our city’s image disrespected by more brawling in City Hall.

Here’s the good news:

Issues have solutions.


I will champion inclusive economic growth, a long-term plan to build up Olive Boulevard synergistically with the momentum on Delmar. I will use my fluent Mandarin to bring our Chinese business leaders into the conversation. I will champion 21st Century government that is receptive to your voice and responsive to your needs. I will drive the conversation on a long-term plan to develop our most important partnerships. I will step into City Hall with my mind set on solutions, and my heart focused on the future of our city.


Let’s move U City forward.